Interactive Darts


We’ve supercharged darts at Ace of Lanes. Revolutionary technology and amazing video game graphics combine to deliver an unforgettable social experience. Perfect for any occasion, no experience necessary!

Our slick, touch-screen units make operating the system easy! Input player names before choosing which of our great games to play!
Using revolutionary Smartboard technology, the system automatically detects where your darts have landed and instantly displays the result on the scoreboard.
The screen above the dart board will guide you through your chosen game and display all the scores. Everything is laid out to make the games super simple. The screen tells you whose turn it is to throw and what to aim for.

We have four oches, perfect for groups of up to 12 in pairs or singles up to 6.
Test your skills with a selection of games whilst enjoying a drink from our wide range of craft beer, wine, spirits & cocktails.

Price: £10.95 per person, per hour

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